Our Religious Family


Our Religious Family

The Religious Family of the Incarnate Word is composed of a active and contemplative male and female branches, and a Secular Third Order.

Our founder, Father Carlos M. Buela, has wanted it to be so named in honor of the greatest event in history which cannot be superseded by any other: the Incarnation of the Son of God.



Marked by the Mystery of the Incarnation, we live by the example of Jesus, the God-Man. 



The charism of our Religious Family is to work in supreme docility to the Holy Spirit and according to the example of the Virgin Mary, so to make Jesus Christ the Lord of all human dimensions, even in the most difficult situations and under the most adverse conditions. (c.f. Constitutions #30-31)

This charism is the grace to know how to work concretely in order to prolong Christ in families, in education, in the mass media, in the intellectuals and in all other legitimate manifestations of human life.

It is the gift, by being missionary and Marian, to make each person “like a new Incarnation of the Word”. (St. Elizabeth of Trinity).


Specific goal of our Religious Family

The specific goal of our Religious Family is the evangelization of culture, that is to say, we seek to extend the Incarnation “to all men, in the whole man, and in all of the manifestations of man,” in accordance with the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church. (c.f. Constitutions #5)


Men and Women Religious

By means of the profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, the members of our Religious Family want to imitate and follow intimately the Incarnate Word in his poverty, chastity and obedience. We also make a fourth vow of Marian slavery, according to the spirit of Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort.


Our Contemplative Members

While the majority of the religious dedicate ourselves to apostolic works, imitating Christ who announced the Kingdom of God, some of us live an exclusively contemplative life, be it monastic or hermetic.


 East and West

In order to help the Christians of the Eastern churches, who form part of the indivisible patrimony of the Universal Church, we also include an Eastern branch: Byzantine and Coptic rites.  In this way we breathe, in the same way as the Church, with two lungs. “One cannot breathe as a Christian, to say it more, as a Catholic, with only one lung; one must have two lungs, that is to say, of the East and of the West.” (John Paul II, 08/06/1980)

When our mission in Ukraine opened in 1998, our General Superior recognized the importance of black habit to conform to their culture, whose liturgy is that of the Greek-Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church. Religious sisters of this rite traditionally wear black habits. Today in Ukraine and Siberia, our Eastern Rite sisters wear black habit, which, except for the color, is the same as the blue and grey habit, including the Cross of Matará.


Third Order

The Secular Third Order or lay order of the Family of the Incarnate Word is an association of faithful lay people, whose members, while living in the world, wish to participate in the same spirit so as to seek  in the most secure and efficacious way their own Christian perfection in all the wide field of the lay vocation and in order to bring about the sanctification of all men by means of their works of apostolate.

For this reason, they desire to and commit themselves to form with the religious of the Incarnate Word one unique family, united by the same faith, the same ends, the same mission, the same charism, the same nature and the same spirit; constituting themselves thus in the prolongation of the action of the religious in the proper environments of the lay life.