Missionary Spirituality

For us, every community is a mission, not only places of first evangelization or with more material poverty, as we have in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Tanzania, but also in European or first world countries, where there is a strong need to re-evangelization to combat moral poverty, corruption and all that makes man forget the true purpose of his existence which is to know, to love and to serve God, and thus save his soul.

We also have a zeal for mission Ad Gentes (pagen countries), where most people do not know God but nonetheless strife to seek the meaning of life and true happiness.

We carry out our apostolate in the parishes in France, Ireland, Hong Kong, New York, Kazan (Russia), Toronto, Chile, Italy, the Philippines, Iceland, Taiwan, etc ... helping in the liturgy, catechesis and in the care of the sick, in educating the laity through Courses of Catholic Culture, education of youth through the Oratory as did St. John Bosco.

We also promote the Spiritual Exercises according to the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, preaching popular missions following the method of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, going from house to house to talk to people that and inviting them to catechesis and activities to awaken their faith.

We have houses of mercy, home for children who are orphaned, abandoned or with family problems in the Philippines, Peru, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, Brazil, and Egypt; homes for disabled children in Albania, the Holy Land and Argentina. We also have missions in places of the Byzantine rite in Ukraine and Siberia, and Coptic-Catholic in the Middle East.

Many sisters teach in our schools, some studying to become nurses, others dedicated to the apostolate of social media, such as the publication of magazines, books, websites, etc.

Some "difficult" apostolates we have are in non-christian countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Tunez. In these countries we have houses of mercy where the sisters evangelize primarily through the care of the poor, the sick and needy of every kind: The love of Christ urges us (2 Cor 5:14), concretely practicing charity, as a witness, knowing that "charity, charity alone will save the world. Blessed are those who have the grace to be victims of charity"[1]

Currently we have 160 convents in 85 diocese, across 5 Continents and 35 countries.


[1] St. Luigi Orione, Christmas greeting, 1934 quoted in En Camino with Don Orione, Ed Pcia. Our Lady of the Aguardia, 1974 T.I, p.96